In 2000 when I built my first web hosting service the needs on internet where to a web hosting offering server side scripting at low costs. This was the time of Geocities. The service I offered was revolutionary and paid the price of it’s success by being overloaded too fast to let me adjust. Having only 16 years old and support for it I had to close since I wasn’t able to offer a quality service.


SpagiIn 2007 with a friend, we reopened the service and ported it on PHP and Linux. This new service didn’t took flight since the service was actually built for Internet 1.0 and it wasn’t the same reality anymore. My friend moved out of the project to concentrate on personal life and professional.



Spagi_newToday, except very big project, the personal side of the service is still missing in all web host I’ve seen. As other service providers they offer fixed and inflexible packages. I’m convinced that your store front on the internet or your cloud service might now fit well in a standards box. You offer a distinct service different from your competition, I’ll try my best to match this quality and help you build your project. That’s where Spagi is refocusing it’s efforts after all these years !