Happy New Year

First things first : Happy New Year !! 1st January 2015 ! I love number multiple of 5. I wish you all the hapinesse possible in this new year ! 365 days to explore what future will bring us !

For Spagi, there is a love of OpenSource ! I owe a big thanks to PBWoW.com forthe wonderful theme of phpBB he did. So to recap, the forum use a framework opensource ( phpBB ) and a theme that is as well opensource ( pbtech ). This lead to a very respectful result.

Talking about the forum, it’s been reset and updated to 3.1.2. If you have questions, comments, this is also a way to contact me. Since the first language of Spagi is french, and for sake of simplicity the forum is in french, I’m pretty sure you’ll find your way around.